Armco Crash Barrier with Handrail

ARMCO Barriers have long been the standard for steel safety barrier protection. Their aim is to protect people, assets, and property against injury and damage from a moving vehicle. Here at CT Safety Barriers, we are one of the few companies that produce our own Steel Barriers. That means we can bring you a totally bespoke service, with quality control you just can’t get anywhere else.

All our ARMCO products are manufactured to British Safety Standards meeting BS6399 and BS6180:1999, with our galvanisation process certified as EN ISO1461 compliant.

Our standard steel barriers come in at a length of 3500mm long, with an effective length of 3200mm (overlap of 300mm with previous Armco barrier rail). The standard thickness of the barrier rail is 3mm, this is to ensure compliance with the relevant standards. However, having our own production facilities means we can also offer cutting services so that you can have the exact length or thickness of barrier you want.

We always like to talk over the phone, so we can give you all the information you need along with anything else you’d like to know!

Armco BarriersA Better Level of Service

We’re here for you throughout the entire buying and installation process. We’ve got experience in our barriers protecting people, property and all manner of assets against injury and damage. We’ll help create your ideal crash barrier plan and advise on the most appropriate products needed.

The Types of ARMCO Barrier we Can Make

Pretty much any safety barrier product you need! We have an expansive range of standard parts and manufacturing options, so it’s likely we can make what you need. Armco crash barriers are extremely versatile; they can be used as single or multiple height barriers, the legs can be either bolted down or cast into the ground and the legs can also be adapted to carry an integral handrail for effective pedestrian protection.

Our Available ARMCO Supports

Armco Safety Barrier RSJ Type Leg

RSJ Type Leg.

Armco Crash Barriers Z Type Leg

Z Type Leg.

Armco Barrier Spring Steel Leg

Spring Steel Buffer.

We provide all the necessary posts and joins for your ARMCO Barrier System with RSJ, Z-Type, and Spring Steel Buffers all available. Again, with us actually manufacturing our own steel barriers, all of our centre joins and posts can be designed or altered to match your exact requirements and protection aims of your crash barrier system. Typically, the leg centres on Armco crash barriers are at 3.2 metres, 1.6 metres or 0.8 metres. The standard post types are listed below, however, if you need a bespoke size we as a manufacturer can produce to your specification – Just give us a call.

Our available Armco post types are:

Armco Barrier RSJ TYPE LEGS
362mm Bolt Down RSJ LegSingle Height Barrier
560mm Bolt Down RSJ LegSingle Height Barrier
610mm Bolt Down RSJ LegSingle Height Barrier
760mm Bolt Down RSJ LegSingle Height Barrier
950mm Bolt Down RSJ LegSingle / Double Height Barrier
1100mm Bolt Down RSJ LegDouble Height Barrier
1200mm Cast In RSJ LegSingle Height Barrier
1500mm Cast In RSJ LegSingle Height Barrier
1800mm Cast In RSJ LegDouble Height Barrier
Armco Barrier Z TYPE LEGS
362mm Bolt Down Z Leg (110 x 55mm)Single Height Barrier
560mm Bolt Down Z Leg (110 x 55mm)Single Height Barrier
610mm Bolt Down Z Leg (110 x 55mm)Single Height Barrier
760mm Bolt Down Z Leg (110 x 55mm)Single Height Barrier
1160mm Cast In Z Leg (110 x 55mm)Single Height Barrier
1200mm Cast In Z Leg (125 x 90mm)Single Height Barrier

Armco Barrier Terminal Ends & Accessories

Armco Safety Barriers are usually finished off with a terminal end. The most common type of terminal for a safety barrier is the Fishtail end (Type A). However, if the ends need to be Pedestrian Friendly, Pedestrian Ends or Plastic End Caps can be fitted to the barrier. All steel type terminal ends can be powder coated to any colour. At CT Safety Barriers Ltd we have now introduced a new range of Polymer terminal ends. We also now have Armco safety barrier ends as well as Polymer fishtail, Pedestrian ends and Plastic end caps for posts, these are available in both yellow or black.

Armco Barriers can be sent in different directions by the use of corners. These corners are available in 90 & 45 degrees, however, if you need your barrier to go in a different angle the flexible corners are used. Armco Barrier corners are available in both internal and external formats.

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How The ARMCO Barrier Originated

Not a lot of people know this but ‘ARMCO’ used to stand for American Rolling Mill Companyfounded in 1900, when a man called George Verity pioneered the barrier steel we see today. The company was borne out of the push for flat steel needed in motor cars. It used to be difficult to mill the steel to a consistent thickness and a consistent quality of steel.

Verity and his company created a wide sheet mill but it wasn’t until they bought the Columbia Steel Company that they managed to develop what is now known as the Continuous Wide Hot Strip Mill. From this point on, they could reliably make uniform, high quality rolled steel, and ARMCO barrier became the standard bearer. ARMCO safety barriers went on to be ubiquitous in both motorsport (replacing hay bales in Formula 1!) and on our roads, as the UK implemented its first long-form ARMCO Crash Barrier on the M1 in 1973. Check out our blog post on the role of Armco barriers in Formula 1 if you are interested in learning more!